There is no question that IT security and data privacy play a key role for companies who want to save and process documents, contacts, and customer data in the cloud. Consequently, data security is the top priority for all Deutsche Telekom’s cloud services. The service provider uses TÜV-tested and ISO-certified data centers located in Germany and ensures that data and applications are reliably protected from unauthorized access, cyber attacks, viruses and trojans, both in the data centers and during transfer.

Experts also keep a constant eye on the security of applications in Business Marketplace, the portal offering cloud solutions for SMEs. With Secure Private Network from ClearPath, Deutsche Telekom presents an application that ensures secure data transfer. Using a closed VPN (virtual private network) connection, employees can access the company server securely via encrypted connections from home or on the move. In addition to accessing the server, individual employees can exchange data via the secure tunnel. Secure Private Network also allows external users to be integrated into the company network via an Internet connection.

The Business Marketplace Web interface enables hassle-free user administration. After a 30-day free trial period, customers select the product best suited to their company, depending on its size and IT infrastructure. The packages offered start from EUR 14.95 (net) a month for five users, with the largest package catering for up to 25 users. Billing is carried out on a monthly basis and there is no need for investment in additional hardware or software. Annual payments for expensive software upgrades, servicing and maintenance are also a thing of the past.

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