NFV World Congress 2015 POC conducted with AT&T, Dell and China Mobile

San Jose, California May 5, 2015 – ClearPath Networks, a leading platform provider for personalized Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) virtual vE-CPE (virtual Edge/virtual Customer Premise Equipment) solutions to communication service providers (CSPs), announced the successful completion of a Proof of Concept (PoC) produced with AT&T, China Mobile and Dell at NFV World Congress in San Jose, California.

The PoC demonstrated how OPNFV-powered Infrastructure enable new virtual edge & virtual CPE usecases and capabilities, including how CSPs may leverage partners’ federated OPNFV to quickly and costeffectively expand their geographic service coverage and deliver NFV Virtualized Network Function (VNF)-based services to their customers across independently-administered OPNFV domains.

“This Proof-of-Concept demonstration succeeds in showing the potential of how OPNFV Platform enables exciting new services and capabilities,” said Margaret Chiosi, Distinguished Network Architect and President of OPNFV. OPNFV is an open source project under the LINUX foundation.

The PoC highlighted how VNFs may be created, configured and terminated within one OPNFV environment from a separate administrative domain, and how VNFs are automatically migrated from one live OPNFV environment to another based on policy. The POC architecture complies with the open ETSI NFV ISG architectural framework.

ClearPath contributed the Virtual Services Platform (VSP), which implements the NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack. VSP features a Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) abstraction that enables infrastructure management across heterogeneous resource providers, highly efficient NFV containerization including a VNF manager providing full lifecycle management for open-source and other lightweight software VNFs, and an NFV orchestrator providing service lifecycle management. China Mobile and Dell provided the OPNFV NFV infrastructure environments.

OPNFV was created to establish a carrier-grade, integrated reference NFV platform that enables consistency, performance and interoperability across a broad set of use cases.

“The PoC illustrates the great potential for OPNFV and how it can help service providers quickly and cost-effectively expand their coverage through open, scalable solutions including the Dell NFV infrastructure platform,” said Cliff Young, ClearPath CEO.

Young added, “ClearPath leverages OPNFV to accelerate CSPs’ time to market for personalized virtual CPE solutions that enable end user choice for varying use cases and deployment requirements.”

News Highlights:

  • ClearPath conducted a POC with top-tier global carriers AT&T and China Mobile, compute domain leader Dell, and Spirent
  • Industry first federation of OPNFV platform
  • Seamless migration of VNFs across federated platforms
  • Personalized VNF application lifecycle management

About ClearPath Networks
ClearPath Networks is a pioneer in NFV containerization and a visionary leader in distributed virtual network function lifecycle management for network operators globally. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in California, ClearPath’s NFV-based Virtual Services Platform (VSP) enables mobile, fixed and cloud operators to overcome traditional CAPEX, OPEX and system barriers that inhibit service innovation and competitive differentiation and speeds time to revenue. ClearPath actively promotes industry standards and open source with leadership positions in ETSI NFV, OPNFV, OpenDaylight and Open Networking Foundation.

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