The open source cloud operating system will become independent and ClearPath will support the Foundation as a chartered Gold member. EL SEGUNDO, California – April 12, 2012 – ClearPath today announced an increased commitment to the OpenStack project by making an early commitment to participate in the formation of the OpenStack® Foundation.  Eighteen leading technology companies including AT&T, Canonical, ClearPath, Cisco, Dell, Dreamhost, HP, IBM, ITRI, Mirantis, Morphlabs, Nebula, Netapp, Piston Cloud, Rackspace, Red Hat, & Suse have joined together to be formative members of the foundation based on the principles outline in the published mission and framework. “Together, we can move this industry forward in an open direction and can innovate–the collective reach of these companies drives adoption, and our joint commitment ensures the long-term viability of the project” announced Cliff Young, ClearPath’s CEO. The commitment includes active participation, financial resources and ongoing development contribution from the foundation members.  The OpenStack Foundation is an independent body providing shared resources to help achieve the OpenStack Mission by Protecting, Empowering, and Promoting OpenStack software and the community around it, including users, developers and the entire ecosystem. “ClearPath has long been working with OpenStack to build an open cloud platform based on open standards. We are very proud to be associated with this formative project.  OpenStack will be leveraged as a standard foundational element for the creation of not just public & private clouds, but dynamic virtual private clouds and the inter-cloud of the future.  In our shared vision, the future to the cloud is through open standards.  ClearPath is committed to this future for the betterment of service providers, enterprises, and their users” Young said. “We are all committed to The OpenStack Way: an open development process that is driven by a technical meritocracy and making significant investments in community building”, commented Peter Lee, V.P. of Software & Infrastructure Engineering at ClearPath.  “We are very pleased to have been a part of OpenStack’s evolution from Cacti, Diablo, and now onto Essex and eager to expand our contributions to the upcoming Folsom release.  Our extensive experience working with OpenStack has led to the innovative development of our InterCloud Gateway Platform, a highly scalable virtual cloud security framework which secures applications and infrastructure between clouds, networks, and users.  We are enabling service providers and enterprises around the globe to create dynamic clouds that connect users and systems to high volumes of public and private clouds that are centrally managed, scalable, and secure” said Lee. You can see the entire story here:    
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