As today’s enterprise customer has become mobile centric, users are connecting to applications with many devices or diverse networks to applications that are moving into clouds, The network perimeter has become dynamic. With virtual CPE solutions, the network can be just as agile. Dynamic User and site based policy centrally managed and layered on top of distributed virtual service instances is essential to maintain visibility and control over network performance and user experience.


  • Proliferation of endpoints connecting into Corp Applications
  • Network changes not programmable with rest of cloud orchestration
  • Managing consistent policies for users across all devices
  • Network gateways are inflexible and hard to manage Service requirements are constantly changing
  • Too many point solutions to manage with different GUI, CLIs
  • Lack of interoperability among devices
  • Underutilization on CAPEX drives higher costs
  • Excessive Bandwidth costs resulting from hair-pinning traffic
  • Little or no redundancy built into the network
  • Hardware moves, adds & changes is expensive:
    • Procurement
    • Logistics
    • Install
  • Poor WAN bandwidth management, visibility & control
  • Takes too long to configure appliances

ClearPath’s VSP can be implemented as a cloud platform or be integrated into the Service provider edge service network to deliver services inline or overlay services which can easily integrate into existing network topologies to provide network service augmentation or full WAN replacement for Enterprise customers. Services can be automatically deployed at the enterprise customer premise gateway, in the customer private cloud and in public cloud environments. VSP is an open architecture enabling 3rd party application integration. As such our catalogue of virtual network functions is always increasing. Service Providers can dynamically combine these virtual network functions to deploy various types of Virtual CPE solutions to address many use cases including:

Remote Access

  • Connect into any corporate resource from any device across any network
    • Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Protect corporate content from infection through gateway inspection in the cloud
  • Protect corporate content from theft with DLP
  • Manage user access policies by user, group & site

Branch Networking

  • Create virtual CPE in the cloud
  • Instantiate services dynamically on x86 based hardware at the customer premise

Ad hoc VPN

  • Dynamically enable secure 256K encrypted software only connections for secure collaboration
  • Create anonymous internet sessions on demand

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Enable secure hybrid cloud connectivity
  • Enable LAN extension to public clouds

Managed Security

  • Virtual CPE – Unified threat management in the cloud, at the premise or both
  • Automated activation
  • Centralized cloud management for all services across every endpoint
  • Internet security for every user across every location and device
  • Centralized policy-based management of desktops, laptops, mobile devices, branch gateways

Network Monitoring & Reporting

  • Real time network monitoring
  • Proactive notification of network & security events
  • Historical reporting on performance

Dynamic QOS & Traffic Prioritization

  • Control user experience by application type
  • Route traffic to maximize performance
  • Minimize network cost & congestion