ClearPath’s VSP manages edge services deployed in customer premises and cloud IaaS environments. VSP orchestrates the dynamic and seamless insertion of network centric Layer 3-7 WAN service functions ranging from network monitoring, management & security services as well as local infrastructure services (when managed endpoints are placed inside customer premise).  All virtual CPE services can be cloud managed by the VSP Controller across diverse networks.  VSP_Presentation_0714_v1 With our VSP platform we allow network, broadband, and cloud operators to substantially increase their margins, speed time to market, automate new service development, and differentiate their core propositions by providing robust management, orchestration and automation of any virtual CPE. This can be enabled across diverse IaaS platforms and fixed network access locations covering creation, activation, personalization, deployment and configuration.


  • Self-service portals available for Enterprise admin, Service Provider admin, and Platform Operator admin
  • Software VPN clients available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Localization support for English, German, and Croatian (work-in-progress)
  • Single-Sign-On support (SAML)
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  • Complete solution can run as VMs on existing virtual infrastructure
  • Deployment automation tools enables rapid platform rollout in less than 2 days
  • Virtual Service Containers enable rapid VNF provisioning and efficient workloads
  • 15MB VM image footprint / 256MB RAM / 1 vCPU
  • Order to Live service instance in under 1 minute
  • Adapt quickly to changing solution requirements by defining new service bundles amongst available VNFs
  • Comprehensive VNF Service Catalog comprising VPN, Remote Access, , Firewall, Routing, QoS, Anti-virus, Content Filtering (HTTP/HTTPS), IDS/IPS, Service Monitoring, and Network Monitoring
  • VNF plugin architecture for rapid integration of commercial & open source VNFs
  • Automated certificate management for secure endpoint activation
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Open Interoperability

  • Runs on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Supports KVM, XEN, and VMWare hypervisors
  • IaaS API support for OpenStack, Google Compute Engine, and AWS
  • OpenStack deployments on Diablo, Essex, Folsom, Grizzly, Icehouse and Juno
  • Comprehensive OSS/BSS REST API integration
  • Supports IPSEC, SSL (OpenVPN), L2TP
  • Supports standard x86 and ARM architecture
  • Supports Virtual Networking using OVS
  • Open vendor plug in architecture for VNFs
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  • Production deployments with Brocade ADC and A10 ADC for GSLB across DC
  • High Availability software architecture for horizontal redundancy
  • Self-healing auto-remediation of failed virtual resources with complete service configuration restoration
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  • Two-factor Authentication support (OAUTH Bearer Tokens)
  • No-shell login Virtual Service Containers (100% REST API managed)
  • PKI secure certificate based identification and authorization
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